Internal Event

To succeed with an extern launching, you have to start internally. That’s why Cramo invited their 1200 co-workers to activate them deeper within the company’s valuations and new customer promises. The result became an buring dedication which manifested with a “large wall of agreements”


Through their depots across the country Cramo is renting out machines, equipment and modular spaces. During their Kick-off 2014 their main goal was to increase the knowledge of the companies valuations and most of all to understand, accept and deliver on three completely new customer promises. 


During two days the 1200 co-workers were gathered in an special built experience world in the Hangar on Arlanda airport, Sweden. Through stations with different workshops and role plays the employees was activated. Later in the evening the co-workers was a part of the premiere of the new hard rock influenced Cramo song were the companies valuations and customer promises were included in the special written lyrics. To confirm their engagement, all the present people, as an ending to the night got to sign the big “Wall of agreements” with their thumbprint.


The result became a significant increased knowledge of the valuations and client promises. The employees were also handed the tools to follow up this work out on the depots, and a greater understanding for how you can collaborate between the regions. This project was nominated in the category for “Internal event of the year” in the branch contest “Gyllene Hjulet”