Clas Ohlson

Pop-Up Truck

As part of the escalation building up to Clas Ohlson’s 100th anniversary celebrations, Occasion had the opportunity to develop an activation campaign to increase awareness of the brand and its offering among new customers, while also strengthening relationships with and confidence among existing customers. The campaign’s motto was “Clas Ohlson helps its customers solve every day practical problems”


The challenge was to identify everyday problems that provided interesting content for dissemination in the campaign, while also matching up with products that perhaps not many would associate with the Clas Ohlson product range. We also needed to find a cost-effective way to reach out to customers all over the country.



The solution was a pop-up truck with a product range customised for specific situations and needs. Using the pop-up truck and a product range that matches specific situations and needs, we can take Clas Ohlson to the customer and solve their everyday problems while promoting accessibility at a whole new level.



Clas Ohlson’s pop-up truck met with a very positive response when it popped in for unexpected visits at places like boat launches and campsites. The activity sparked significant curiosity around the company’s product range, along with customer engagement. Its greatest success came at the campsite, where it became an attraction for the whole family.