experience center

When SAAB moved its headquarters to downtown Stockholm, they chose to create an experience centre called The Edge. Occasion was commissioned to design and produce The Edge.

The goal was to create an experience centre where people could meet and get to know SAAB’s products and services in an informative and engaging way. The target groups were customers, students and other stakeholders. From both Sweden and abroad.


The challenge was to translate SAAB’s three key design elements: asymmetry, depth and a 21-degree angle – into physical solutions and materials. As well as the materials and solutions needed to communicate the weight and security that the brand stands for. The practical challenges included a venue with low headroom, the need to create multifunctional environments, and to communicate about both products and SAAB’s Thinking Edge.


A clear design system was developed based on the principles of asymmetry, depth and the 21° angle. Every surface that visitors might conceivably touch was made of Corian, so as to make an impression of stability and coolness. Wall sections were broken up by the 21° angle, and asymmetry permeated everything from walls to furniture and the reception desk. The depth was created using lighting and other effects.

The entire venue was equipped with a wireless interface that allows a person to control the entire venue by themselves when presenting different product areas.

Occasion’s task was to design the venue, select pieces of furniture, communicative surfaces, image style, and so on. Occasion was also in charge of project management and production/construction. The design was done in partnership with Simon Gate. Adapt was in charge of technology and lighting.