Occasion has been involved in Fortum Sverige AB’s “Laxsläppet” outdoor campaign for four years.

Fortum, along with the City of Stockholm and HEBA, has been releasing 30,000 salmon and sea trout a year into Stockholms ström since 2013. The idea is to demonstrate that we live in one of the world’s cleanest capital cities, and that Fortum has a hand in making it so.


The salmon release has been happening since the 1970s as part of the effort to clean up the city. Our challenge was to effectively build awareness and to link the activity to Fortum’s other initiatives for a cleaner city.


Relying on a local and humorous appeal in the copy and a focused choice of media (bus, underground and Facebook), we were able to raise awareness about both the activity and Fortum’s work towards a cleaner city.


The campaign was a big success. It was seen by every third Stockholmer, and more than four in ten reported seeing Fortum in a positive light afterwards. The activity had a big impact and achieved a median earned media value of more than 1.6 million.

Our campaign took the bronze trophy at the 2015 Corporate Engagement Awards, an international competition that highlights campaigns and programs centred on community engagement.