Management Meeting

Nobia’s European executive meeting is held every other year, and is the only occasion where all of Nobia’s brand executives are gathered in one place. The purpose is to communicate, evaluate and establish joint business strategy decisions.



The main challenge was to find balance and energy throughout the content-packed agenda. All of Nobia’s brands are autonomous, and are spread across various geographic locations. Finding time for meetings and collaborations between them is always a challenge. But once the executives get together, there is plenty to talk about and plenty to listen to, beyond the agenda.



A pre-campaign with films was developed in order to make things easier and highlight parts of the agenda on location. Design and construction of a relaxing meeting environment based on contemporary kitchen trends, centring on the kitchen as the home’s new social area.

This promoted curiosity and creative thinking, and facilitated spontaneous meetings during the gaps between between agenda items at the events.

Finally, participants were invited to attend an evening with its roots in a deep Swedish tradition, namely the ‘home party’. We called the evening a “home party with a premium feel”.


Occasion surpassed expectations, which were already high based on previous years. With a big boost in engagement, pride and networking, the project received the highest possible rating (7 out of 7) in the project evaluation.

The project also resulted in a nomination for the Svenska Designpriset design competition.