music room

Since 2009, STIM Music Expo has been an annual recurring and highly appreciated all-day event where a large part of the music industry has been gathered together for learning, knowledge sharing, networking and inspiration. In line with industry development and to continue to be relevant to its members and audiences, STIM Music Expo changed name to STIM Music Room in 2017.


The challenge was to create a more flexible, scalable and dynamic event than its predecessor. An event that can reach out to more people, be in more places, be less resource-intensive and become even more relevant to an increasingly multifaceted audience. STIM pursued an after work feeling where mingling and networking were important components.


The venue for the event was a rock club, a perfect setting for a music event. During the evening, there were several exciting program items: A panel discussion with heavy names from the industry discussed the compensation model in the digital streaming services. A “Hitstoria” where the gang behind Avicis’s song “Without you” told us everything from building the song to the piece of parts that never came with. In addition, there was a ceremony award ceremony of STIM’s scholarships for music makers and composers, a scholarship awarded annually to over 100 recipients who have performed in various ways during the year.

To strengthen the future implementation of STIM Music Room, we developed a decor that is both flexible and easy to resize according to current scene and local.


Stim Music Room – A new, exciting and personal event for music makers and producers!