Svensk Fastighets­förmedling

Kick-Off & trip

Svensk Fastighetsförmedling turned 80 in 2017. Occasion was given the task of coming up with themes and communicating the anniversary celebrations internally, and of organising a trip to Palma for all employees.



In addition to the complex logistics involved in getting all 115 branch offices and 850 employees down to Palma, the challenge was to foster loyalty, fellowship and pride in being part of Svensk Fastighetsförmedling and the company’s history.



The “Drömförmedlaren” concept permeated everything from the logo to communication and the activities before, during and after the trip. The focus was on praising the profession and getting employees to feel a greater sense of pride in being brokers – they turn dreams into reality. The highlight was the trip to Palma, where for three days they celebrated, attended conferences and activated participants with everything from a gala, an awards ceremony and anniversary films to a fitness walk held to raise money for the children’s cancer fund.



The “Drömförmedlaren” concept and the 80th anniversary celebrations combined to foster pride among all employees and a renewed commitment for the years to come, while also uniting the 115 branch offices under a single brand.