The steel company Weland turned 70 in 2017. We were awarded the turnkey contract for their anniversary year, including everything from internal and external celebrations, through brand activation, to training for employees, dealers, suppliers and customers.



Our job was to get all audiences and all 30 subsidiaries, including employees, dealers, suppliers and customers, to feel the same sense of involvement and pride in Weland’s success.
To educate and to broaden business opportunities and networking between the companies.



The concept and the tagline ”70 år med en vilja av stål”  laid the foundation for all the communication during the anniversary and was used in all of the company’s marketing during the year. The graphics lent a new, fresher tonality, one that has now been implemented throughout the Group following the celebration.

To increase engagement with the celebrations, a number of events were developed for the various target groups. Two galas with a tailor-made show for employees and suppliers, a 3000 m² fair for the entire Group, and an evening specially tailored to customers and dealers. In addition, we also ran a major outdoor campaign and a number of brand activations to strengthen the brand and to draw attention to the celebrations locally among the public.


The concept, implementation and cost-effectiveness were all highly successful thanks to meticulous planning.

Here is an extract from the campaign and celebration metrics:

76% of participants have a better understanding of the Group and its companies now than before the anniversary celebrations.

88% of participants feel prouder to be part of the Weland Group than before the anniversary celebrations.