We create experiences

That engage people

Together we create messages that engage audiences

The experience of your brand will be strongest when it is set in an emotional context. We help you create stories that elevate your culture, your ideas and the things that define your brand. Stories which, if they are genuine enough, will spread beyond the company’s walls and continue to connect your brand with like-minded people. People who believe in the things that you believe in and want what you already have. That’s when we create true brand experiences.

Our ​services

Corporate Events

  • Conferences & meetings
  • Anniversaries
  • Conference trips

Set design

  • Trade fairs
  • Experience center & architecture
  • Spatial design

Digital Production

  • Film & motion graphics
  • Interactive solutions
  • Digital communication

Public Events

  • Sponsorships & activations
  • PR-events
  • Product launches

Concept & Design

  • Graphic design
  • Campaigns
  • Event strategies


  • Strategy- & insight work
  • Message & storytelling
  • Conference methodologies


Media come and go, but the meeting endures, and we love meetings. That’s also what makes us the best brand experience agency in the Nordics.

We conceptualize, plan and produce over 100 internal events annually. Culture-building trips, anniversaries, hackathons, executive meetings, training sessions and conferences.

It’s a great feeling that comes over us every time we get to be part of breaking down silos, fostering commitment and creating new connections between 40, 100, 500, 1000 or 8000 employees. When different experiences and knowledge backgrounds meet and turn into new insights and ideas. Cultures are strengthened by physical encounters – this is where business strategies become meaningful and where innovation flourishes!

Set design

Physical space is everything.

This is true both emotionally and in the literal sense. Most of our brain does not communicate using verbal languages. It communicates and analyses using all the senses, which is why we can “tune in” to the atmosphere of a room.

We build our customers’ brands by building the spaces that contain them. This is why we have also focused the bulk of our conceptual and creative ability on becoming the best company in the Nordic region at spatial design.

Digital production

The best at content, regardless of medium.

From animated GIFs in slides to 3D worlds for product launches.  From product snaps to facade projection. From company presentations to training platforms. From channel selection to digital strategy. Physical and digital are no longer two isolated phenomena. That’s why digital is a natural part of both our strategic and our creative processes right from the start.

It’s also why we have internal expertise in both physical and digital.

Public events

50,000 people saw the message and nobody cared.

Whether it’s brand-building or sales, there is nothing stronger than letting your brand communicate through physical action; when we grab hold of all the audience’s senses.

Each year we help both global and local clients to do things like releasing salmon, launching new models of trucks, tires or aircraft, making themselves heard over the noise at Almedalen Week, taking over a campsite, cracking jokes about the housing economy to a full house at Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe, testing their brands against Småland’s notorious pickiness, or christening a bio-power plant with water-based graffiti.

Concept & design

Why we are geeked out on human behaviour

Both strategy and design are intended to influence people. It’s about changing a behaviour, instilling confidence, initiating a relationship, challenging prejudices and calling to action.

That’s why we have invested so much effort in studying human behaviour to create sustainable strategies, concepts and designs that truly move our clients’ brands and embody their promises in the form of campaigns, design and physical meetings.


We refuse to do things haphazardly.

For many years, we have been leaders in conference methodology and storytelling, from speakers on stage to mobile media and spatial design. A big part of that success can be traced to our attitude to preparation.

We are very proud of our strategic approach and the insight-building work that serves as the foundation of the creative ability for which our amazing team has earned praise over the years.